Freight Brokerage Services

Polman Truck Brokerage, Inc. has been a licensed and bonded, family-owned and operated freight broker since 1985. Our professional brokerage team will move freight from shippers to receivers through safe, professional trucking companies. Call Polman Truck Brokerage today. We are a company on the move. 800-777-1753

What Is a Freight Broker?

As a freight broker, Minnesota based Polman Truck Brokerage acts as a link between a shipper who has products to move and carriers who have the equipment and manpower to move it. Our freight brokerage services allow both sides make a profit moving cargo across the lower 48 United States and Canada. Polman will use our years of experience in the trucking industry to negotiate a price between shippers and carriers, and make any necessary tweaks on either end to get the freight to its destination safely, securely and on time. Our office will handle all the necessary paperwork and tracking information, and attend to any issues during transport.

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Freight Broker Services Benefit Your Company

Our freight brokerage services are an affordable way for your company to handle its shipping needs, particularly if you do not have an in-house shipping department. If you do have a shipping department, as a freight broker, Polman can work to negotiate volume discounts with transportation companies to save you money.

Through our legacy of excellent customer service, Polman Truck Brokerage has established relationships with both shippers and carriers, and as such we have developed a networking system that will increase your productivity by handling tasks including price negotiations and scheduling.

For individuals or companies wishing to hire freight-hauling services, Polman Truck Brokerage has access to:

  • Vans
  • Reefer (refrigerated) Trailers
  • Flat-Bed Trailers

Freight Broker Advantages for Carriers

A freight broker is a great asset to carriers as well. If you’ve ever found yourself short-handed because of a last-minute request from a shipper, or if your trucking company has been inundated with seasonal work, you would benefit from the assistance of a freight broker. At Polman, we’ve been in the trucking business for more than 7 decades, so we understand just how stressful these situations can be. Our office will work directly with the shipper to complete the transfer of goods through a trusted carrier safely, efficiently, and at the negotiated price.

While we’re here for the occasional overscheduling predicament, we also partner with carriers in the long term to make them more efficient, effective and profitable. Most freight companies have tight resources and little available time to develop relationships with companies who need freight moved.

Polman Trucking Brokerage has established an outstanding reputation with both shippers and carriers, and have developed a networking system that will increase your productivity by handling tasks such as price negotiations, scheduling (including back-hauls), and mapping out cost-effective routes. Whatever the size of your fleet, we’ll help your drivers safely cover more miles for less money.

Call Polman Truck Brokerage, Inc. we are a company on the move.

As a licensed and bonded freight broker, Minnesota based Polman Truck Brokerage is ready to go to work for shippers and carriers across the United States and Canada. With over 70 years in the trucking industry, we have built the relationships needed to keep your business rolling! Contact our office today for more information.